From The Pages of Orkut History…

Lookie what I found in one of the oldest communities on Orkut – the actual conversation between Bhagat Singh and the gang!

Instructions for the internet-handicapped :

1. Right-click on the images and open them in a new browser window.
2. Hover the mouse pointer near the bottom-right of the image and click on the tiny square thingy that’ll appear there.
3. Congratulate yourself for this phenomenal achievement.
4. Smile smugly.

Part I


Part II


Fellow countrypeople, this is a joke. Please don’t start yelling like Aamir Khan.


8 responses to “From The Pages of Orkut History…

  1. 😛
    lol..someone should do a one-on-one between Gandhiji and Subhas Chandra Bose!!!
    Gandhiji: wtf man? You won the seat? All the dumasses in the room voted for you!! YOU?? The Congress is mine! MINE ! I say!
    SCB: stfu, dude. I QUIT! 😛
    screw you and your lameass congress.
    aaargh! \m/\m/\m/
    *sigh* went too far dint i :S
    I’ll be in my underground bunker hiding from the missiles the government just launched .
    peace out!

  2. okay now i just feel bad 😦
    NOTE: I’m not unpatriotic . SCB is only the coolest freedom fighter ever!
    Please don’t throw stuff at me!
    and now i will keep my mouth shut :X

  3. Which community is this?

    Members ne pun photoshop kairu ke?

  4. Heh this is insanely funny!

  5. Gullu The Wabbit


    Bhagat Singh tenu pakad ke dhoega,sachmuch.

  6. Princess, Meithbhai, Entee and Gullu :

    Thanks for the comments!

    PS : Add me on Orkut. 😐

  7. Lmao. Too good. xD

  8. good stuff 😀

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