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Pulitzer Prize Winner : 2009

A long time ago, a gentleman named Joseph Pulitzer – a journalist by profession – decided to leave a significant portion of his fortune to Columbia University for the purpose of development of its journalism school. The University has since then given out prizes named after this great man, recognizing and appreciating talent in the field of journalism, photography and literature.

Normally, the winner can belong to just one category, say National Reporting or International Reporting but not both at once; however this year saw a rare exception. An absolutely groundbreaking article published in India’s leading newspaper The Times of India made the judges bend the rules. This phenomenal piece of journalistic excellence impressed the judges so much that it was chosen as the winner in not one, but THREE categories:

Local Reporting – for a distinguished example of local newspaper reporting that illuminates significant issues or concerns.
National Reporting – for a distinguished example of newspaper reporting on national affairs.
Feature Writing – for a distinguished example of newspaper feature writing giving prime consideration to high literary quality and originality.

Do read this brilliant article and you’ll get to know the true power of press: